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I was born in M閞ida (Badajoz) in 1972. I grew up in Madrid from age 6. At age 8, started in the world of art through music, studying music theory, singing and violin. At 10 years participated in the European premiere at the musical Noah's Ark at the Teatro Real in Madrid. This incursion culture made ​​me grow with an ongoing need to create. Later I tried the world of crafts, working cold ceramic, leather, wood and other various techniques that went ahead of me.
For over a year I started in the world of painting, unfinished experience needed. I started taking classes in drawing and later followed with brushes self-taught, first with pastels, acrylics and finally the oil.
Now I am a member of the Builders Association Getafe "The Tent".
In October I attended the play "The ghosts of Kafka" in the international cultural event of Getafe Black Week, dedicated to Kafka, in the exhibition "The Colour of Shadows" exposed in the city of Getafe.
As a lover of art in all its forms, my goal is to create and enjoy the world of it.

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