The new Reserved Area is now more social and allows a greater interaction with the community. In your personal page it's possible to verify users who appreciate, visit or enter your own showcase in the list of preferred networks and exchange comments with them.

The new function “I Like it” allows to show appreciation to the showcase or to the individual work of a creative.
It is possible to enter creatives that we like into the favorites list in order to be always update in every single moment.

The new Scroll Homepage is composed by 5 levels, it's characterized by an innovative layout which allows a clearer and more immediate navigation, making the user experience and research in the portal quickly and more efficient.

The new Responsive Layout , a web design technique that can graphically adjust automatically the website to the device on it is displayed, and the speed optimization, make the website also accessible from smartphone and tablet, to be always in touch with the Community.
The more innovative layout makes the navigation into the different pages more fun and very social! Colors, images, words will be the scenary of the new Creathead's website!

Into the Reserved Area is available an Overview of the traffic to the showcase: an important report to verify the monthly, annual and total visits, with the views of the work and all the clicks to the links inserted.

The website offers a lot of new functions and tools. All the Showcases, with their innovative layout, allow more interaction between users, thanks to the possibility to leave comments on users'works or showcases in order to share ideas and opinions.
Into the section “Last Visited Showcases ” it's possible to find the list of the visited showcases during the previous visits to the community and have more quickly all the informations necessary about them.


The new multifactor ranking and the green stars allow to know if a member of the community took part or won a Contest on Creathead. Each contest amount to one green star visible into the showcase.

It's possible to download a PDF file of all different works from each showcase. So it will be possible create a personal archive always available and ready to use.
The exclusive Letslink Club, alway present and visible to everyone, is reported in every single Creathead's newsletter, send to 60.000 addresses. 

Try now the new functions!



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