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Organization for insertion in the Italian market of foreign marks.
'The Marketing and Corporate Communications is a commitment to address for each company, who does not leave much room for competitors prepare yourself to earn more market shares.

The matter is less abstract than many are led to believe: the catalog, the website, brochures, exhibition stands and custom installations, corporate brands and product, packaging, labels, displays and much more are the tangible result of these two disciplines method that if applied can make the difference between successful companies and not.

Everything starts with the Corporate Identity indicating the history and philosophy of the Company, through which one can trace the foundation for a marketing plan suitable for the product and the sector of communication with the company on. This raises the need to have the knowledge to work so delicate, since the companies do not always there is a department, especially those in small / medium that need to be more competitive without making major investments.

I present here some pictures through my business.

Cristian Tamagnini
Marketing Manager

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  • Corporate Identity
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