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Deadline: 2014-05-11
Status: Finished
1st reward: 2000€

Description / Buyer

Each summer, from June to September, Fondazione Arena di Verona offers the Opera show in the Arena show, by organizing the opera festival that from a Century represents an important media and cultural event for Verona and Veneto area, dedicated to keens about opera in all over the world. In the 2013 it celebrated the Centennary from the first representation of Aida by Giuseppe Verdi in Arena, with a program full of event and international guest , that commemorated 100 years of success and that inaugurated the next 100. August 10th 1913 with the first representation in the amphitheater, the Arena di Verona was became the biggest Italian and worldwide open opera theater, a record that holds also today. With the opera festival, the Italian and worldwide culture is enriching of a new way to do show, feature that contributes also to make Verona one of the music capital. The Arena charm is not only on the stage: the amphitheatre offers a real show in the show, starting from the candles ceremony, at the beginning of each representation, a tradition borned in Arena and exported in all the different places dedicated to outdoor show. Next to the summer Festival, since 1975 the Verona opera authority extended the artistic activity, by organizing from October to May the symphony, opera and ballet performances at the Teatro Filarmonico, rebuilt after the destruction suffered by war bombing. During this situation were set up the Complessi Artistici – Orchestra, Choir and Corps de Ballet – solid Technical and Administrative, that ever since contributes to diffuse the Arena di Verona image in the world, with more over than 50 shows in Arena every year and 70 in the Teatro Filarmonico, in addition to other events in Italy and abroad. This hard work makes the “Arenian Complessi” the worldwide ambassador of Italian culture, that has in the melodramma one of his main expressions. Since 2010, the Teatro Filarmonico Season starts on December 13th with a new opera production and the opera, ballet and concerts program ends in November, including the Summer break of Arena.


The Fondazione Arena di Verona has in its mission, that follows since a Century, the protection, the promotion and the diffusion of opera and symphonic music.

In this regard, one of the main purposes is disseminate its knowledge, by proposing an artistic offer ever more innovative and open to new audiences.

The educative role hired to new generations brought at the planning of events calendar and promotion dedicated to guys under 30.

To better communicate these initiatives dedicated to Under 30 audience, the Fondazione Arena is planning a new website and launches a contest to ask to the Community to create a naming and a logo that could identify the portal.

The message that Fondazione would like to spread is that the opera and symphonic music fit for to everyone! Going to Theatre and especially to Arena di Verona can be cool, fun and for everyone… also to the younger!

The website will be young and attractive for the new generations and it will have the goal to present all the activities dedicated to schools and guys under 30, and the promotions dedicated to this target, to attend to Teatro Filarmonico and Arena di Verona.

The naming requests must include the word “Arena” and, together with logo, should represent the leitmotiv of the portal presented. The logo should be very recognizable, cool, young and free-standing respect to the corporate image.


The Under 30’s website will aim to approach young in school age and with less than 30 years, to the opera and symphonic music, by presenting all the topics that can make it a trendy entertainment and dedicated to all.


Logo of Fondazione Arena di Verona

For further information please visit the website:


Works must be uploaded in the private area of community CREATHEAD. Logo proposal will be uploaded in JPEG format. It’s preferably accompanied the proposal by a Power Point presentation describing the idea, its development and the reflections.
Then you will be required, only to authors of selected artworks, final files in high resolution or Vector, always with layers.

The contest will end on2014 May 11th. All entries must be received no later than that date. Please note, the deadline may be extended by Fondazione Arena di Verona.

The author of selected proposalwill be paid a fee equal to€ 2.000 + vat
PAYMENT: The sum will be paid by bank transfer on the Bank communicated by the winner. Payment will be made 60 days after the delivery of the final executive file.

The choice will be made exclusively by the client who commissioned the work, namely Fondazione Arena di Verona. The Fondazione Arena di Verona will be forced to make a choice in 30 days from the end of this contest. The usage of selected artworks by the company it will be optional and at discretion of Fondazione Arena di Verona. During the contest, the Fondazione Arena di Verona will give new information and updates with respect to this brief.

Those wishing to participate are bound to confidentiality of the contents of this document and not tell others.

The usage rights of the chosen works will be totally of Fondazione Arena di Verona. Nothing will be due unless the acknowledgment of paternity, in the form and manner that the Fondazione Arena di Verona deems appropriate.
Recall that the UPLOAD action came to possess ALL rights to the loaded material (audio, video and images) and not to VIOLATE THE COPYRIGHT IN ANY WAY or ANY RIGHTS OF OTHERS. The naming proposal should be free to usage, so it’s request to do the free In addition, any proposals for naming loaded will be free to use, so it is required to make the prior art search: The proposals not free to use will is deemed not valid. It’s suggested to verify if the web domain is free, using the dedicated free portal(for ex.,, ecc.)


Only members of the community CREATHEAD enrolled by the deadline of this contest.

Under the Italian privacy regulations (DL 196/03) informs you that the following data will be processed by Creathead to start the contest of ideas on the community. CREATHEAD reserves the right to publish and publicize all the works presented where appropriate and considered without having to give prior notice to the author or others.

1. The materials produced by the authors of selected proposals will be the exclusive property of Fondazione Arena di Verona and it can also be used for any kind of distribution.
2. The papers submitted will remain to the author property, who agree to make available the artworks presented to show and publish them freely by Creathead and Fondazione Arena di Verona.
3. To make necessary adjustments, the company reserves the possibility to modify selected artworks.

For any dispute arising between the contractor and the contractor relating to their contractual obligations, will be competent Court of Milan.


Complimenti vivissimi a Katiuscia Posella l'ideatrice della proposta selezionata!

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