Contest Disegna tu gli zaini Seven

Category: Illustration

Deadline: 2014-01-07
Status: Finished
1st reward: 1000€
2nd reward: 1000€
3rd reward: 1000€

Description / Buyer

SEVEN S.P.A. Please find attached the company presentation.


SEVEN S.P.A. requires to creatives the realization of graphics inspired to music world, fitted on one or more of three different kind of schoolbags (Square, Advanced, Tondo Reversibile – please find attached the models details) or realized in all over, for the new 2014/2015 collection.

In the proposed artworks you must not use company logos, part of them, or symbols that can lead to them. So, company logos can’t be integrated with proposed artworks.

During this contest, SEVEN S.P.A. can give new information or updates about this brief.


Schoolbag Square/Advanced: male/female 8-11 years
Schoolbag Tondo Reversibile: male/female 12-16 years


Company presentation
Details of schoolbag models

For more information please visit the website:

Works must be uploaded in the private area of community CREATHEAD in JPEG format. It\'s required both flat artwork and the adaptation on one or more of three different kind of schoolbags.

Then you will be required, only to authors of selected artworks, final files in high resolution or Vector, always at a level.
Every participants can upload an unlimited number of proposals. When you upload the proposal, you must give an univocal name to each artwork (ex. Proposal 1, Proposal 2, etc.).
The participants can’t take part to other contests launched by competitors (ex. Schoolbags, bags, shoulder bags, school accessories) with the same artworks or similar artworks used for this contest, for a year since the end of this contest.

The contest will end on December 16th. All entries must be received no later than that date. Please note, the deadline may be extended by SEVEN S.P.A..

On December 12th, 2013 Seven S.P.A. announces that the contest deadline is extended. The contest will end on Jenuary 7th, 2014.

SEVEN S.P.A. will choose 3 artworks, usable for the first line of Seven schoolbags. The author of each selected proposal will be paid a fee equal to € 1,000 € + vat.
Within a year since the end of this contest, the company can choose an unlimited number of proposals, for the realization of second line of Seven schoolbags or of products of other company brand (Invicta, SJ Gang, Hoy). The author of each selected proposal will be paid a fee equal to € 500 € + vat.
If the company will choose more artworks made by the same author, it must pay the fee for each chose proposal, except if there are only color or form disposition differences.

The sum will be paid by bank transfer on the Bank communicated by the winner. Payment will be made 60 days after the delivery of the final executive file.

The choice will be made exclusively by the client who commissioned the work, namely SEVEN S.P.A.. The company will be forced to make a choice and to award fee for the first three proposals.
The communication will be on January 2014.
The company will not be forced to make a choice and to award the fee for the other proposals.
The usage of selected artworks by the company it will be optional and at discretion of SEVEN S.P.A..

Those wishing to participate are bound to confidentiality of the contents of this document and not tell others.

The usage rights of the works will be totally of SEVEN S.P.A.. Nothing will be due unless the acknowledgment of paternity, in the form and manner that the company deems appropriate.
Recall that the UPLOAD action came to possess ALL rights to the loaded material (audio, video and images) and not to VIOLATE THE COPYRIGHT IN ANY WAY or ANY RIGHTS OF OTHERS.
The graphics that will be presented will be exclusives. The participant assumes all responsibility about artworks copyright.

Only members of the community CREATHEAD enrolled by the deadline of this contest.

Under the Italian privacy regulations (DL 196/03) informs you that the following data will be processed by Creathead to start the contest of ideas on the community. CREATHEAD reserves the right to publish and publicize all the works presented where appropriate and considered without having to give prior notice to the author or others.

1. The materials produced by the authors of selected proposals will be the exclusive property of SEVEN S.P.A. and it can also be used for any kind of distribution.
2. The papers submitted will remain to the author property, who agree to make available the artworks presented to show and publish them freely by SEVEN S.P.A..
3. To make necessary adjustments, the company reserves the possibility to modify selected artworks.

For any dispute arising between the contractor and the contractor relating to their contractual obligations, will be competent Court of Milan.


La creatività della prima proposta selezionata è stata utilizzata per la realizzazione della nuova collezione 2014/2015, Linea Jangle - The Double Project 2015. Le altre due non sono ancora state realizzate. Stay Tuned!

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