Contest Spot Televisivo Trasporti

Category: Video Maker

Deadline: 2013-10-15
Status: Finished
1st reward: 10000€
2nd reward: 10000€

Description / Buyer

Comitato Centrale per l’Albo degli Autotrasportatori con sede in Via Giuseppe Caraci, 36 – Palazzina D – 5° piano – 00157 Roma.
The “Comitato Centrale” is the managment unit of Albo Nazionale of natural and legal individuals engaged in the trucking of things for account of third parties.The “Comitato Centrale” is composed by members of Ministero dei Trasporti, del Ministero degli Interni, degli Esterni, dello Sviluppo Economico, dell’Economia e Finanza, delle Politiche Agricole e Forestali, delle Regioni a statuto ordinario, delle Regioni e delle Province autonome a statuto speciale.
Are members the principal: Associazioni Nazionali di rappresentanza delle imprese di autotrasporto di cose per conto di terzi (Agci Servizi, Anita, Confartigianato trasporti, Fai, Federlavoro e servizi - Confcooperative, Fedit, Fiap L, Fita Cna, Legacoop Servizi, Sna-Casartigiani, Trasportounito - Fiap, Unci, Unitai. A questi ultimi si affiancano gli esponenti delle Associazioni nazionali di rappresentanza delle imprese cooperative riconosciute maggiormente rappresentative dal Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali.
The Committee plays a key impetus for the revival of the category: training, quality certification, studies and statistics, institutional representation, with the common goal of competitiveness of the national economy and road safety.


The client announces a creative contest for the creation of a commercial of communication and awareness to convey the importance of trucking in Italy.
The lead wires that must be identified and represented during the commercials are the following:
- Economy is moving on with transport: in Italy, trucking is a unique and essential support for the development of all economic activities
- In Italy there are more than 100,000 companies in the service of the country: therefore, trucking is a strong and active sector in Italy.
L'autotrasporto è il trait d'union che lega pasta a lavatrice, medicinale a computer, mobili a.... e da qua spazio alla creatività!
Participants are asked to make a video through a creative interpretation of the theme; it has to promote in eye-catching and explaining way, the issues identified. Compelling, engaging, exciting, non-trivial, non-rhetorical. May be confidential or authoritative, serious or ironic.
To produce the commercial it’s possible to use all the different available technic: from the motion graphic to the stop motion or 2D/3D video animation, etc...
Commercial will have to last 30 seconds and it must have text and audio support.


Target of the commercial will be all the population in general, because it has the goal of awareness in respect of “trucking” theme.


Works have to be loaded at the Reserved Area on the website
The contest will end on October 15.
All work must be received by that date. After notification, the deadline may be extended. Files must be uploaded in Mp4,. Mpeg or. Avi format, preferred accompanied by a presentation that describes the idea and its development. With the action UPLOAD you represent that you own all rights of the material contained in it (audio and images) and not in any way violate the copyright. If is not so will be disqualified from the contest. This is only required to load content of which you are the copyright or which holds a valid license to use it.
Then will be required only to the inventor of the selected proposal, the final files in high resolution on which must be fitted to institutional tendon.
The choice will be made exclusively by the client, that is the Comitato Centrale per l’Albo degli Autotrasportatori. During the contest the company could give new information and updates with respect to this brief. The selected video will be broadcast between November and December 2013 on all major national TV channels.
The first placed will receive the fee of € 10.000.
The materials made by the inventor and developer of the selected proposals will be the exclusive property of the client and can be used for any type of diffusion. The rights to use the selected proposal will be totally of the client will owe nothing to the filmmaker if not the recognition of authorship in the form and manner that the client deems appropriate.
Other proposals submitted will remain of the applicants who agree to make available the work to be able to exhibit and publish freely by the client within initiatives related to the contest.
The selected proposal will be published on the official website of Albo degli Autotrasportatori.
Pursuant to art. 23 of Legislative Decree 196/2003., all personal data provided will be used exclusively for the purposes of this contest.


Il contest lanciato dal Comitato Centrale per l’Albo degli Autotrasportatori (Ministero Infrastrutture e Trasporti) in collaborazione con la community creativa Creathead.

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