Contest Un logo per il Lessini Durello

Category: Brand Design

Deadline: 2013-07-03
Status: Finished
1st reward: 1250

Description / Buyer

We are Consorzio di tutela Lessini Durello wine, the association of all Lessini Durello DOC wine produecers. The consortium was born in 1998 and it is located at the wine house in Soave. Its main task is the promotion, the development and spread of this sparkling wine' culture.


After 25 years from the recognition of the DOC certification all the members of the consortium would like to renew the denomination's logo to highlight the originality and the exclusivity of this venetian sparkling wine which born from Durella grapes grow on Lessinia hills halfway between Verona and Vicenza.   What to communicate The graphic symbol (logo) with the pay-off must communicate, with essential and immediate graphic signs, the freshness and originality of the wine and its exclusive origin from an hilly and volcanic territory. Besides containing the naming proposal, the logo must will have a graphic side (brand/logo) and a textual side, the pay off.   Why believe in the proposal and start a challenge: A small denomination produced by autochthon vine enters a market dominated by affirmed and big denominations. In addition to monetary compensation this ban is one of the first online experience. For the consortium of protection this could be a big visibility occasion. Durello rapresents a strong distinction symbol for the territory and in these last years it became the ideal ambassador of the entire Lessinia.     Disposition Essential,exclusive, funny, joyful,endearing,light,easy and explosive.     Where it will use The selected work will be the symbol of the productive system but also of the territory. It will be used to: Printed material like flyers, postcards, posters, brochures, programs, advertising pages, business cards, headed paper, cover CD/DVD merchandising, etc. Multimedial material as website,social network, banner, spot tv, etc.     What we don't want to The consortium won't consider proposals of productions already existing.    


The selected proposals will be the istitutional symbol of the consortium and denomination and they will be used in the official communication and during consortium shows like Durello's fetsival durello and friends, durello day. Consortium communication is addressed to journalists, opinion leaders, bloggers, operators and above all to consumer.


HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Works must be uploaded in the private area of community CREATHEAD in JPEG format, preferably accompanied by a Power Point presentation describing the idea, its development and the reflections. Then you will be required final files in high resolution or Vector, always at a level, to print or put into execution.
The contest will end on June 3rd 2013. All entries must be received no later than that date. Please note, the deadline may be extended.

To the first CLASSIFIED will be paid a fee equal to 1.250 € + vat
The sum will be paid by bank transfer on the Bank communicated by the winner. Payment will be made 60 days after the delivery of the final executive file. N.B: The amount will be reduced by 50% if the executive will not be delivered but only the concept. AWARD CRITERIA:
The choice will be made exclusively by the client who commissioned the work, namely CONSORZIO TUTELA VINO LESSINI DURELLO DOC. The company will be forced to make a choice and award prizes. During the contest, the company will give new information and updates with respect to this brief.

Those wishing to participate are bound to confidentiality of the contents of this document and not tell others.

The usage rights of the works will be totally of CONSORZIO TUTELA VINO LESSINI DURELLO DOC. Nothing will be due unless the acknowledgment of paternity, in the form and manner that the company deems appropriate.
Recall that the UPLOAD action came to possess ALL rights to the loaded material (audio, video and images) and not to VIOLATE THE COPYRIGHT IN ANY WAY. Proposals for naming loaded must be free of use. Therefore it is required to carry out a search for earlier in Class 33 of the register of trademarks and patents at national and Community level.


Only members of the community CREATHEAD enrolled by the deadline of this contest.

Under the Italian privacy regulations (DL 196/03) informs you that the following data will be processed by Creathead to start the contest of ideas on the community. CREATHEAD reserves the right to publish and publicize the works presented where deemed appropriate, without having to give prior notice to the offender or others.

1. The materials produced by the winner of the contest will be the exclusive property of CONSORZIO TUTELA VINO LESSINI DURELLO DOC and it can also be used for any kind of distribution.
2. The papers submitted will remain to the applicants property who agree to make available the papers presented to show and publish them freely by CONSORZIO TUTELA VINO LESSINI DURELLO DOC.
3. Participants in the contest must show their willingness to make necessary adjustments specified by the company.

For any dispute arising between the contractor and the contractor relating to their contractual obligations, will be competent Court of Milan.


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