Contest Shop_les Jeux d’Amour

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Deadline: 2013-05-22
Status: Finished
1st reward: SmartBox “C’era una volta”
2nd reward: SmartBox “Scenari d’Italia”
3rd reward: SmartBox “Fuga dalla Città”

Description / Buyer

In occasion of the exhibition “Shop_les jeux d’amour”- edited by Alessia Locatelli – who will inaugurate it on May 7th 2013 at the Ostrakon Space in Milan, Creathead and the editors launch this creative contest about the theme of Eros.
We started this 2013 with some events that - from the design to the painting – have put the attention on the necessity to improve this theme. As artists and editors of contemporary art, thanks to this exhi-event, we want to give a contribution to this new vision of Eros through the arts. What “Shop_les jeux d’amour” wants to probe isn’t a sociological analysis; our “modest proposal” is to face up to the theme as a contemporary visive story dealing with relationships and discussion about Eros’s mechanisms that govern our lives, not only in the inner sphere. A story that seems sometimes ironic, others extreme, soft or sharp, coloroful or noisy or white and highlight through the works of artists already known nationally and internationally. The title of the exhibition Shop_les jeux d’amour indicates on one hand the current situation of the world of Eros, debased almost to the use and consumption, on the other hand, it emphasizes the informal approach, non-conceptual, that alien it from any kind of extreme theorization.


Today Love offers itself through standards completely new. After the sexual freedom of ‘70s has become evident as in western world was unthinkable to stem every kind of personal “revolution” about customs and traditions linked to Eroticism and Love, in all their possible and unimaginable variations. Then, Internet and the pay TV’s channels give spectators the desire of exhibition reaching extreme levels, also in the private sphere. To all the members of Creathead community we ask to interpret this new vision of the Eros’ world thanks to their arts and creativity: you have to upload an image, an illustration, a photography or a project that fully reflect your interpretation of this theme.


The contest is open to all the creative people who are members of Creathead community.


Works must be uploaded in the private area of community CREATHEAD in JPEG format  


The contest will end on May 22nd 2013. All entries must be received no later than that date. Please note, the deadline may be extended.
At the end of the contest, all creative participants could put up for sale their works directly on Creathead, recognizing the 15%.  

The fees provided for the selected proposals will be offered thanks to the official sponsor Smartbox:
I^ SELECTED PROPOSAL: SmartBox “C’era una volta”
2^ SELECTED PROPOSAL: SmartBox “Scenari d’Italia”
3^ SELECTED PROPOSAL: SmartBox “Fuga dalla Città”  
The fee will be delivered to the address of the creator of the selected proposal after the communication of the final result.  


The choice will be made exclusively by the client who commissioned the work in collaboration with Creathead. The company will be forced to make a choice and award prizes. During the contest, the company will give new information and updates with respect to this brief.  


Those wishing to participate are bound to confidentiality of the contents of this document and not tell others.  


We remind to all participants that with the action of UPLOAD it’s confirm to possess ALL the rights for the uploaded materials (audio, video and images) and not to VIOLATE THE COPYRIGHT IN ANYWAY.  


Only members of the community CREATHEAD enrolled by the deadline of this contest.  


Under the Italian privacy regulations (DL 196/03) informs you that the following data will be processed by Creathead to start the contest of ideas on the community. CREATHEAD reserves the right to publish and publicize the works presented where deemed appropriate, without having to give prior notice to the offender or others.  

1. The materials produced by the winner of the contest will be the exclusive property of CREATHEAD and it can also be used for any kind of distribution.
2. The papers submitted will remain to the applicants property who agree to make available the papers presented to show and publish them freely by Creathead.
3. Participants in the contest must show their willingness to make necessary adjustments specified by the company.  


For any dispute arising between the contractor and the contractor relating to their contractual obligations, will be competent Court of Milan.


Il contest dedicato alla nuova interpretazione dell'Eros, lanciato in concomitanza con la mostra collettiva "Shop_les Jeux d'Amour" curata da Alessia Locatelli si è concluso. Tra i tanti creativi che hanno partecipato al contest sono state scelte

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