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Deadline: 2013-01-28
Status: Finished
1st reward: 2000€

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Every summer, from June to September, the Arena di Verona offers the Opera show in the spectacle of Arena, with the Opera Festival organized by the "Fondazione Arena di Verona". The opening in mid-June from a century is an important cultural and media event for the city of Verona and the Veneto region, aimed to all Opera interested around the world.
In 2013 we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first performance of Aida by Giuseppe Verdi in the arena, with a rich program of events and international guests, to crown one hundred years and usher the next hundred.
On 10 August 1913 with the first opera in the amphitheater, the Arena has become the largest opera theater in Italy and in the world, a record that still holds today. And with the Opera Festival the Italian and international culture has been enriched by a new way of performing, a feature that has helped to make Verona a capital of music. But the magic of Arena doesn't live only on stage: the amphitheater offers a real show in the show, starting from the exciting rite of the candles, before the start of each performance, a practice which arose in Arena and now exported to all spaces dedicated to outdoor shows.


The "Fondazione Arena di Verona" quest the name of a red wine and the name of a white wine to celebrate the Centenary of the Arena Festival with one of the most characteristic products of its territory.
1. The red wine name must bring back the bond of the territory with the history, art, music and culture, a connection that goes through an autochthonous and ancient wine as the "Corvina";
2. The white wine name should be drawn to this link between territory, culture and tradition, as expressed by another native vine: the "Garganega".
The wines names will have to summon the strength of the bond between the opera and the art of making wine, both the excellence of Made in Italy, that generate in the viewer the pleasure and sensory and emotional involvement.
It is also important to recall the unique and exclusive relationship with the city of Verona, that has in common both the opera in the Arena and the wine, like place and time of synthesis in which you can enjoy at the same time both of these arts.
The value of wine namings of the 100 years of Arena Festival is credible because:
• the art which expresses itself in the wine production and in the opera staging in the Arena, offers an unique emotional experience, enhanced by the use of both products
• the "Fondazione Arena di Verona" and viticulture are known internationally as examples of excellence unparalleled  and ambassadors of excellence of Made in Italy in the world
• as well as the Arena has known all over the world in relation to the city of Verona, the wines produced in this province are diffuse everywhere
For the purposes of the contest, it will be also identified the graphic realization of the namings.
The wine names will be, in fact, on product labels and wherever they may wish to communicate in relation to the Centenary Festival 2013 of the Arena di Verona:
• Printed materials (flyers, postcards, posters, brochures, programs, advertising pages, cover CD / DVD, merchandising, etc.)
• Multimedia material (website, social networks, banners, TV spots, etc.)
The Fondazione Arena di Verona will not consider replicas of what already exists.


The Fondazione Arena di Verona offers to world an Opera Festival of high artistic value and at the same time "popular", especially for the large number of spectators (about 15,000 spectators at each performance). It is aimed to people careful to the culture value and SPECTACLE events: music lovers and novices, families and singles, tourists and travelers, faithful and curious, young and old.
The wines made ​​for the Centennial Festival want engage wine lovers, critics of taste and lovers of good food, as well as curious and anyone who wants to bring a remembrance of Verona, of its flavors and of the Opera in Arena .


Attached materials:
• Festival Logo
• Poster Centennial Festival  
• For more information please visit the website of the Fondazione Arena di Verona:
• And the Consortium for the Protection of Wines of Valpolicella:
• We would also, like suggestion, some wines produced from these grapes:
• Finally, we suggest the website of the Sartori winery, that will produce wines for the Centennial:
How to participate::
Works must be uploaded in the private area of community CREATHEAD in JPEG format, preferably accompanied by a Power Point presentation describing the idea, its development and the reflections. Then you will be required final files in high resolution or Vector, always at a level, to print or put into execution.
Works deadline:
The contest will end on December 21th. All entries must be received no later than that date. Please note, the deadline may be extended.
To the first CLASSIFIED will be paid a fee equal to € 2,000 € + vat
If the selected proposals will be created by different users, the fee will be divided and corresponded to the various creators. The quote will be divided into up to a maximum of 4 parts (red wine naming, white wine naming, graphic design of red wine naming, graphic design of white wine naming). In this case, to the designers of each of these 4 parts will be recognized 25% of the fee, up to the achievement of the above-mentioned total compensation. 
The sum will be paid by bank transfer on the Bank communicated by the winner. Payment will be made 60 days after the delivery of the final executive file.
Note: The amount will be reduced by 50% if the executive will not be delivered.
Award criteria:
The choice will be made exclusively by the client who commissioned the work, namely Fondazione Arena di Verona. The company will be forced to make a choice and award prizes. During the contest, the company will give new information and updates with respect to this brief.
Confidentiality agreement:
Those wishing to participate are bound to confidentiality of the contents of this document and not tell others.
Copyright and usage:
The usage rights of the works will be totally of Fondazione Arena di Verona. Nothing will be due unless the acknowledgment of paternity, in the form and manner that the company deems appropriate.
Recall that the UPLOAD action came to possess ALL rights to the loaded material (audio, video and images) and not to VIOLATE THE COPYRIGHT IN ANY WAY. Proposals for naming loaded must be free of use. Therefore it is required to carry out a search for earlier in Class 33 of the register of trademarks and patents at national and Community level.
Who can apply:
only members of the community CREATHEAD enrolled by the deadline of this contest.
Privacy Policy:
Under the Italian privacy regulations (DL 196/03) informs you that the following data will be processed by Creathead to start the contest of ideas on the community.

CREATHEAD reserves the right to publish and publicize the works presented where deemed appropriate, without having to give prior notice to the offender or others.
1. The materials produced by the winner of the contest will be the exclusive property of Fondazione Arena di Verona and it can also be used for any kind of distribution.
2. The papers submitted will remain to the applicants property who agree to make available the papers presented to show and publish them freely by Fondazione Arena di Verona.
3. Participants in the contest must show their willingness to make necessary adjustments specified by the company.
or any dispute arising between the contractor and the contractor relating to their contractual obligations, will be competent Court of Milan.


Si è concluso il contest lanciato dalla Fondazione Arena di Verona in collaborazione con la Community Creativa Creathead, con ben 176 partecipanti e 569 proposte!

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